New Features

New Features (1/25/21)

New Features (1/25/21)

We made two new updates so it is easier to use time tracking and identify dependent tasks in your task view.

Time tracked is now displayed as hours and minutes

We converted all time shown in the reports from decimals to hours and minutes. We added this so you did not have to convert it yourself, making it easier to understand.

New Features (1/25/21) 1
Dependent tasks are now grayed out in the task view

Previously you would have to click into a task to see if it was dependent on another task in your task view. Now, all dependent tasks that can not be started yet will be grayed out and unclickable.

When you hover over it it will say which task it is dependent on. This makes it easier for your team to quickly identify tasks that they can not begin yet and plan out their workload.

New Features (1/25/21) 2

By Shahram Zarshenas

Founder at Financial Cents

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