New Features (8/10/20)

We just released a few new features this week that were being requested by our users!

  • More styling options in the task description
  • User permissions for deleting projects
  • Ability to assign all tasks to the project assignee upon creation

Styling options in the task description

New Features (8/10/20) 2

You now have more styling options when adding descriptions to tasks to better outline your standard operating procedures.

  • Bold
  • Italizieu
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough
  • Live links
  • Bullet points

User Permissions for deleting projects

New Features (8/10/20) 3

You now easily restrict certain team members from deleting projects to prevent your team from accidentally deleting projects.

Ability to assign all tasks to the project assignee upon creation

New Features (8/10/20) 4

You now have the ability to automatically assign all the tasks within a project to the project assignee reducing the need to manually assign each task to the project owner.

*** If you create a project from a template and a few of the tasks already have an assignee on them it will only assign the project assignee to the tasks without an assignee on them.

By Shahram Zarshenas

Laying the foundation to scale your firm is tough. You have to document your workflows, establish collaboration channels for your team, and implement the right tech to overcome the challenges you will face as you.

Shahram Zarshenas has helped thousands of accounting firms overcome these challenges. He is the CEO of Financial Cents, an easy-to-use practice management software built to help accounting firms track the status of client work, collaborate with their team, and get work done.