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Track Time & Hold Your Staff Accountable

Two new updates that will make tracking time easy for your firm

Track Time & Hold Your Staff Accountable

We released two updates to the Time Tracking Feature in Financial Cents to help you better track time on client work and hold your staff accountable!

First, you are now able to view the time worked on a project as well as the estimated time it should take your staff to complete a project on your Workflow Dashboard.

Making it easier to identify if any staff members are taking longer than they should to complete client work! See below. 

Track Time &Amp; Hold Your Staff Accountable 2

Second, you can now view a live timer as time is being tracked. Making it easier to keep track of your time while working on a project and keep you on track to hit your time estimates!

Below is an image of the new feature in action.

Track Time &Amp; Hold Your Staff Accountable 3

We have a lot of other great time tracking features on the horizon so stay tuned!

  • Time tracking reports (staff & clients reports)
  • Integrations with QBO to create invoices
  • Workload Management to help you manage your teams capacity



  Track time & collaborate with your staff on client work today!

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By Shahram Zarshenas

Founder at Financial Cents

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