Whether you’re working in the field, on a desk, or at home, there’s always that point in your work life where everything feels like a neverending routine. You’re doing the same set of tasks, you talk to the same group of people, and you take the same bus, train, or highway on your way to work.

That feeling of running on a loop can drain the life out of you in no time.

Practical Ways to Break the Monotony of Work

Find ways to break the monotony of work by considering these tips.

  1. Start your morning differently

If your typical morning consists of rolling out of bed, stepping into the shower, and eating a hearty breakfast, then that’s where that endless loop starts for you. It could be good for you to choose a different way to spend the time directly before you go to work. Try a new form of exercise or take a quick and leisurely walk to the coffee shop to get your morning coffee. You can even just go outside and have a quick chat with the neighbors. Just make sure you do something different every day.

  1. Add some new scenery to your day

Driving through the same set of roads can also contribute greatly to that monotony. Try looking for a different route when going to work or stop by a different landmark every day and just enjoy the moment. New scenery can help get your inspirational juices flowing. You can always take an out-of-town vacation for that new scenery, but it doesn’t have to be that grandiose. A simple change in your driving route or seating in a different seat on the bus could also work. All that matters is, you get to see something different every day you go out on your commute.

  1. Try learning a new sport in your free time

Trying out a new sport may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely a great way to break the monotony of work. If you spend about 8-10 hours inside a CPA firm management office or maybe a construction site, you’ll definitely start feeling burned out. Try spending your breaks or free time learning a new sport. It could only do you good to do that. If your office has shower facilities, it’s a perfect way to stay healthy and re-power your brain.

  1. Plan other tasks in a timed interval schedule

Breaking the monotony is all about introducing new things to your daily routine. Try to create a timed interval schedule for a list of different tasks that you don’t usually do at work. It can be something work-related or not, as long as it’s a different task that you can easily complete in a matter of minutes. Using the same concept as the Pomodoro technique, take a work break every 25 minutes and give yourself 5-10 minutes to do any of those tasks on your list.

  1. Talk to an old friend or a colleague you rarely interact with for a chit-chat

You might be thinking, “It’s going to be too awkward since I don’t really know the person that much.” That may be true, but you can get easily past that once you got the conversation going. It doesn’t have to be too long. A quick chat with a colleague or an old friend you don’t exactly interact with regularly can be a nice change for you. You meet someone new, and you might even get to expand your network.


All these tips for breaking the monotony at work can be a game-changer for someone who’s feeling like they’re in a loop for years. Don’t be afraid to try new things, as it’s the only practical way to dispel that feeling of being in a routine.

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