Get more visibility with our email integration

Integrate with Gmail or Outlook to get more visibility across your firm and get work done.

Email Integration 1

One Shared Inbox To Keep Your Firm Organized

Track all emails between your team and clients

No need to be cc’ed on emails anymore. Each client profile automatically displays all emails to and from the client to any member of your staff. 

You will have full visibility into who last spoke to a client, when, and about what.

Email Integration 2
Email Integration 3

Pin important client emails to relevant client work

Easily pin client emails to related work so your team has all the information and context they need to get their work done

Turn your inbox into a to-do list so nothing slips through the cracks

Stay on top of ad hoc client requests by easily turning any email into a project, delegating it to your team, and tracking it’s progress in one place


Email Integration 4
Email Integration 5

Communicate with clients faster

Quickly respond to your client from within Financial Cents so you don’t have to switch between different tab

Start tracking deadlines in less than 10 minutes!


Create a recurring project


Copy it to all your clients


Track progress & collaborate with your staff

Track client work and hit your deadlines
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