Capacity Management

Get a quick overview of your team’s workload capacity, so you can manage resources more effectively, quickly reassign tasks, and make sure that your team has enough time to get their work done on time.

Capacity Management 1

How it Works

View your entire team's workload in one view

Quickly see how much work each team member has on their plate.

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Capacity Management 2

Set capacity limits for your staff members

Set the number of hours each person on your team works every week so it can identify which team members have too much work on their plate.

See exactly how many hours over capacity your team is

Quickly see how many hours over capacity your team so you know exactly how much of an adjustment you need to make.

Capacity Management 3
Capacity Management 4

Easily reassign the work to someone else

Easily view the projects and reassign the work to someone else on your team with enough time to get the work done on time.

Start tracking deadlines in less than 10 minutes!


Create a recurring project


Copy it to all your clients


Track progress & collaborate with your staff

Track client work and hit your deadlines
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