Time Tracking for Accountants

Easily track time billable and non billable time, invoice clients, run reports and measure client profitability

Time Tracking For Accountants

An easier way to track time and invoice your clients

Seamless track time in the background and run reports to gain insights into where your firm is spending its time

Track time where the work is getting done

Stop tracking time in and out of different apps. With our built in time tracker you can seamlessly track time inside our workflow tool

Time Tracking For Accountants
Time Tracking For Accountants

Invoice your clients and get paid faster

Integrate with QuickBooks Online to seamlessly send invoices or export your time entries to bill with your other favorite apps

Get Insights with time tracking reports

Run reports to see where your firm its spending time, manage payroll and more

Time Tracking For Accountants 1
Time Tracking For Accountants 2

Make your firm more profitable

Easily identify your least profitable clients and make adjustments to your engagements to boost your profitability

Time Tracking Features

Start/Stop Timer

Easily rack time in the background with our automated timer


Run reports to gain insights into profitability and where your firm is spending it’s time 

Manual Entries

Don’t like the timer? You can also manually log time on for work and clients

Time Budgets

Set time estimates for client work and identify when you are running over budget


Seamlessly integrate with your apps to invoice your clients in seconds

Billable Rates

Set billable rates for clients work to see how much you are owed and create invoices

Billable vs Non Billable

Track both billable and non billable time to identify time waste

Effective hourly rate

See how much you are actually making on an hourly basis for each individual basis

Start tracking time and invoicing clients today!

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