Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Use Financial Cents to seamlessly track time, invoice clients, and meaure client profitability.

An Easier Way For Your Firm to Track Time & Invoice Clients

Track time where the work is getting done

Hate working in and out of multiple apps? Accurately track time across multiple projects within Financial Cents and then seamlessly connect the data to your client’s profile.

Set time expectations for your team & track their productivity

Compare how long it took your staff to complete their work to how long it should have taken to see if anyone on your staff is running over on time.

Identify your most profitable clients

Instantly see where your firm is spending it’s time and indentify your most profitable clients all in one simple view.

Seamlessly send accurate invoices (coming soon)

Integrate with QBO or Xero to seamlessly send your clients accurate invoices and get paid faster

Time Tracking Features

Start/Stop Timer

Eaisly track time down to the minute with our simple start stop timer

Mannual Time Log

Forget to start your time? Manually add a time log at the click of a button

Time Estimates

Put time estimates on work so your team knows how long it should take to complete their work

Time Logs

See a list of all the indivual times logged by your team on a project

Time by Client

We automatically add the time your team works on client work to their client profile so you can see where you are spending your time

Edit Time Logs

Left the timmer running? You can eaisly edit your time logs for when you make a simple mistake

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