We attended and exhibited at the just concluded QuickBooks Connect 2022 in Vegas. It was our first conference ever and it turned out to be everything we imagined and more! A big thank you to Intuit for putting together an amazing event that hit the spot and left us all anticipating next year’s edition. And a big thank you to all our amazing customers that we got to meet and connect with in person.

Now that the team is back home, we thought of putting together our top highlights from the 3 day event as first-time attendees and sponsors. 

So here goes:

Meeting our customers

This was hats off our favorite part of QuickBooks Connect. As a fully remote company, everything we do is virtual. From offering our easy to use workflow solution to our customers, to providing stellar customer support, and receiving feedback. So imagine our delight at meeting our customers in person; seeing how their faces lit up as they spoke about how our software has helped them scale their firms and experiencing first-hand, their genuine love for our team. 

We’re glad we were able to reciprocate the love by showing our beloved customers how much we love and appreciate them as well.

Meeting Each Other For the First time and Discovering Vegas Together

There’s only so much you can know about each other through Zoom calls, monthly socials, and slack conversations. And while we love working remotely, we also know that coming together in-person is super important. So as the 3 of us who attended the conference prepared for our trip to Vegas, we couldn’t help but wonder what it’ll be like to see each other for the first time.

“Will it be awkward? Are we going to get along?”

We’re happy to report that not only did we get along well and feel like we had seen each other in person before, but we also had the best time ever. In fact, someone from one of the booths beside us said to us “You’re such a cool team!”

In addition to dining together and working together at the booth, we spent some time discovering Vegas. We rode the zipline at Fremont Street and explored Meow Wolf Las Vegas.

Fireside Chats with Serena Williams and Simon Sinek

We’d fill this section of the article with our top quotes from the sessions with these 2 awe-inspiring speakers:

“Surround yourself with the best team, you’re only as good as your team”.

– Serena Williams

“You may know how to juggle things well, but you also need to be able to take a step backwards and learn to say NO. NO is a powerful word. ”

– Serena Williams

QB Connect 2022 - Serena Williams quote

“A lot of businesses are really bad at listening. Be the exception.”

– Simon Sinek

“You build trust with people (clients, your team) during good times not bad times.”

– Simon Sinek

“You build trust with your clients the same way you do with your friends: through empathy, honesty, reliability, and kindness.”

– Simon Sinek

Quick Books Connect 2022 - Simon Sinek quote Quick Books Connect 2022 - Simon Sinek Quote tweet

Hot Assets Party at QuickBooks Connect 2022

We knew the Hot Assets Party was going to be “hot” considering that tickets sold out within a couple of days after it was announced. The party, an organized effort by the Roundtable Labs community, Melio, Financial Cents, Botkeeper, Liscio, and Keeper lived up to its name. 

Everything was a hit – from the DJ’s choice of music, varieties of drinks, finger foods, to the positive and happy atmosphere in the club.

QuickBooks connect 2022 - Hot Assets Party

Announcing our Integration with SmartVault 

In case you haven’t heard, we are integrating with SmartVault to provide a tech stack that would help supercharge your firm.

SmartVault, a best of breed document management and client portal solution is partnering with us, a best-of-breed practice and workflow management solution to help you get more work done.

During QuickBooks Connect, we did two live demos and Q&As to show how this integration will work. We can’t wait to launch it and have you experience it for yourself. If this interests you, join our waitlist here.

financial meets the community at QuickBooks Connect 2022

Meeting the Accounting Community as a Whole

From our app partners to industry experts and the Intuit team, Quickbooks Connect helped familiarize us with the accounting community. 

A big shout out to our friends at Liscio, Uncat, SmartVault, Dext, BotKeeper, and others that we got to meet in-person for the first time. And a big salute to our friends like Kellie Parks, Richard Roppa-Roberts, Dave Kersting, Tonya Schulte and other industry leaders who although we’ve had many zoom calls with, we only just met in-person. It was our absolute pleasure to meet you!

Meeting new People and Showing Them How to Get Work Done

Thanks to our happy customers and friends, many firm owners visited our booth wanting to know more about this software they’ve all been hearing about. By the end of the QuickBooks Connect 2022, we had connected with hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers.

Computer in hand, we showed them how firms like theirs are tracking deadlines, minimizing distractions, and collaborating with staff to get work done on time.

Telling prospects at QuickBooks Connect 2022 about Financial Cents

Joining the “From B2B to H2H” Panel Discussion

Shout out to Richard Roppa-Roberts and his team for organizing an open feedback session for apps and firm owners. This was one of our best moments from QuickBooks Connect because we love listening to our community and receiving feedback. 

This discussion was an eye-opening experience for us and we’re going back to our drawing board with the insights we got from the session.

Shahram speaking at H2H Session - QBConnect 2022

The QuickBooks Connect After Party

We’re just going to say, we were pretty shocked but extremely excited to see some of our friends dancing on tables, having the best time of their lives at the after party. We also made new friends and enjoyed the wonderful selection of drinks.

Wrapping It Up

To say QuickBooks connect was a success will be the biggest understatement of the year. This conference once again proved that nothing can replace that human-first, in-person connection and experience. If you’re not sure about the ROI or benefits of attending conferences, you should check out our thoughts about Accounting Conferences.

While it’s just a few days after the 2022 edition, we’re already looking forward to QuickBooks Connect 2024 edition in whatever city it will be hosted. 

Till then, stay safe.

PS: What was your favorite moment at QuickBooks Connect?