Two Day Workflow Challenge

Accounting firm owners…

This is your chance to lay the foundation to scale your firm to 7 figures!

In this 2 day challenge, you will standardize your accounting workflows and implement the systems needed to quickly scale your accounting firm.

After this course, you will have the foundation in place to effectively delegate work, scale your team, and ensure consistent client deliverables no matter who does the work… setting up your firm to run without you so you can focus on what really matters.

2 Lessons

2 Hours

Free Templates

If you are like most of the accountants or bookkeepers we have worked with then you are probably experiencing many if not all the problems below:

  • You can’t take on new clients because you don’t have the support to handle more work
  • You are struggling to effectively delegate client work and ensure consistent client deliverables
  • You don’t have the visibility to know who is working on what or the status of client work
  • You are stressed because things keep slipping through and the deadlines are missed
  • You don’t have time to implement the strategies needed to take your firm to the next stage of growth.

Want to know how to overcome these challenges? The answers is efficient workflows and systems. If you can implement efficient workflows and systems you will be able to:

  • Easily delegate work
  • Ensuring consistent client deliverables
  • Onboard new hires 3x faster
  • Easily track the status of work
  • Always hit your deadlines
  • Keep everything organized

In this short course you will lay the foundation needed to overcome these problems so you can easily scale your firm. We give you all the insights and tools needed free of charge!

Here’s whats inside…

First, we will teach you how to quickly create your accounting workflow checklists. Then we’ll show you how you can optimize your checklists so you can delegate work to your staff and still ensure consistent client deliverables. Lastly, we will teach you the system you can use to easily implement your workflows, track clients work, and scale your firm.

Day 1

Create your Workflows

Day 2

Implement Scaling Systems

You’ll learn

  • The benefits of workflow checklists
  • How to quickly create your accounting workflow checklists
  • How to optimize your workflow checklists for scale
  • How to delegate client work while maintaining work quality
  • How to implement the systems needed to scale your firm
  • How to easily track client work and deadlines


  • 12 accounting workflow templates
  • Quick start guide for implementing your workflow system
  • Access to our Facebook Group of over 1,600 accounting firm owners

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