Why Choose Financial Cents Over Client Hub?

First, we’d like to acknowledge the team at Client Hub. They’ve built a great product to help small solo firms communicate with their clients. If you’re here to understand the difference between Financial Cents and Client Hub, or looking for an alternative, you’re in the right place.

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Why choose Financial Cents over Client Hub?

You need an easy to use accounting practice management solution that can scale with your firm. Financial Cents makes it easy for your entire team to collaborate on work and hit their deadlines!

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What’s the Main Difference Between Financial Cents and Client Hub?

Sure, there are feature and product differences between the companies (which we get into further down this page if you’re interested), but at its core, Financial Cents was built to help accounting firms with 3 – 50 employees easily collaborate on and track client work to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Client Hub was built for smaller solo firms as a client communication tool with light workflow features. They are a great option for small solo firms, but not for firms with 3 or more employees. Therefore, they lack key features that firms with 3 or more employees need to scale and grow their firm.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Accounting Firms Choose Financial Cents Over Client Hub

We provide the visibility, collaboration and reporting tools growing firms need to continue to scale

You have more visibility in FC

Workflow is what we do best. We make it easy to track the status of client work and who is working on what. For example, we offer a simple yet robust dashboard that helps you easily track work. You can even filter it down to view work by client, team member, work type, due date, status, and more. This helps you ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Client Hub was built for smaller firms and therefore only provide a simple dashboard with no filters. This makes it really hard for firms with a team to get the visibility they need to know where work stands.

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Your clients don't have to download an app to communicate with you in FC

One of the hardest things to do is get your client to download a new app, create an account, and actually use the app. With Client Hub they have to do this to communicate with you.

In Financial Cents, we use a special 2FA technology so your clients can securely access their portal in one click. We make it super simple so your clients love and use it.

You can't track ad hoc client emails in Client Hub

Tracking ad hoc client requests in your inbox is tough. You get hundreds of emails a day and makes it easy to get lost.

 Financial Cents makes it easy to turn an ad hoc email into a task so you can track everything in one place alongside your other client work and important deadlines.

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You can't track time in Client Hub

You have to use other time tracking apps to track time in Client Hub. Tracking time in a separate app is inefficient and has limitations. Why pay for another app when Financial Cents has the time tracking built into your workflows. 

Track time, bill clients, and run reports to identify over budget work, bottlenecks and which clients are sucking the profitability out of your firm.

Financial Cents has more reporting

Since we focus on bigger firms Financial Cents has all the reports you need to drive efficiencies across your firm. Easily identify over budget work, overworked staff, and which clients are sucking the profitability out of your firm at the click of a button.

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In conclusion, if you are a solo firm looking for a way to communicate with clients and lightly track your work Client Hub may be a great option for you! However, if you are an accounting firm with a team that needs a simple way to collaborate on work and track where everything stands then Financial Cents was built for you! 

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$ 276

Per Year, Per Firm User

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$ 600

Per Year, Per Firm

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