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Our onboarding team specializes in making your transition to our platform seamless. Our personalized onboarding services are tailored to meet your unique business needs, drive adoption with your team, and ensure you get the most out of Financial Cents.

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Drive Adoption and Success

Jumpstart your journey with Financial Cents through our comprehensive training sessions. Our 1:1 coaching ensures you gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills to utilize our platform to its fullest potential. From basic to advanced features, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.



Tailored Setup for Seamless Transition

Your business is unique, and so is our onboarding process. Dive into personalized 1:1 sessions where we meticulously set up your Financial Cents account. We’ll import your clients, set up workflow templates, create tasks for your team, and conduct group training sessions. Experience a tailored setup that aligns perfectly with your business operations.



Effortless Platform Switch

Transitioning to Financial Cents? We’ve got you covered. Our migration service is designed to make your move from other project management platforms smooth and stress-free. Dedicated 1:1 support will help you import clients, migrate workflow templates, and set up work creation in Financial Cents, ensuring a seamless switch without missing a beat.

Why purchase our services?

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Save Time

Most firms don’t have the time to implement new tools. Let our experienced team do the heavy lifting for you.

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Personalized Approach

Every firm is unique, and our services are designed to match your specific needs.

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Seamless Transition

We ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your existing workflow.

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Long-Term Success

Our goal is to set you up for continued success and growth with Financial Cents.

Award-winning customer service

“Thank you for consistently being so helpful/ We had many negative experiences with software support. This has by far been the most leanest onboarding experience we have had so far.”

≪B≫Cara Eyrich≪/B≫ | Operations Manager, Jansen &Amp; Company
Cara Eyrich | Operations Manager, Jansen & Company
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“We evaluated many tools before onboarding FC. This is the simplest and easiest tool to get up to speed with. They have the best-in-class support alongside a fantastic system for firm management.”

≪B≫Roman V≪/B≫ | Founder, Full Send Finance
Roman V | Founder, Full Send Finance
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“The support from Financial Cents is outstanding, very responsive and in front of their community asking for feedback and feature requests to make our firm run easier. “

≪B≫Pam G≪/B≫ | Owner, Accounting Firm
Pam G | Owner, Accounting Firm
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