Jetpack Workflow Alternative

Jetpack Workflow Alternative

Financial Cents is an easy-to-use solution with more features at one third of the price of Jetpack Workflow

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Why choose Financial Cents over Jetpack Workflow?

An accounting practice management tool should have everything you need to get your work done. Financial Cents makes it easy for your entire team to collaborate on work and hit their deadlines!


$15/ month

$36/ month

Task Dashboard

Progress Bars

Recurring Projects

Duplicate Projects

Document Storage

Workflow Templates

Time Tracking

Time Tracking Reports

Team Communication

QBO Integration

Emails Become Tasks

Invoicing with QBO

Custom User Permissions

Password Management

Capacity Management

Calendar View

Email Integration

Kanban View

Automated Client Requests

Auto-Reminders for Clients

Client Messaging

Effective Hourly Rate

Jetpack Workflow Alternative

The fastest growing Jetpack Workflow Alternative

Take your time, have a look at our reviews, and compare our features before making a decision!
Spend less money for more features
New features added every week
Easy to use - no training required
Amy McNary
Amy McNary
Owner, Aim To Balance
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The software is so easy to use. There are instructional videos on many of the pages to guide you as you go, but even without the videos, it's pretty easy to navigate and figure out!
Krista Sievers
Krista Sievers
Owner, Advanced Plus Bookkeeping
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Clients can get reminded for task they need to complete and they can upload right into the software without setting up a login for themselves. I am super excited about this feature. I also won't have to worry about reminding them because they are reminded until they complete the task.
Jonathan Burns
Jonathan Burns
President, Back Office Stars
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A modern and intuitive user interface that my bookkeepers learned to use quickly, easy time tracking with a dashboard that shows me the key data I really need to know at a glance.
Michael McMullin
Michael McMullin
Managing Partner, Jack Trent & Co
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The business problem we are solving with Financial Cents is two fold. First, we are improving our internal communications. Second, we are ensuring that no project falls through the cracks.
Addison Schwan
Addison Schwan
Administrative Assistant, AEC
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Financial Cents has one of the easiest UIs I've ever encountered. It's quick to learn, reasonably priced, and new features are constantly being released.
Hope Eaton
Hope Eaton
Bookkeeper, Eaton Business Solutions
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Having one place to keep up with progress across all my clients is essential to my business functioning and Financial Cents has finally given me just want I need to do that!

Why Financial Cents Outperforms Jetpack Workflow

We have more automation, visibility, and reporting to help you hit your deadlines and scale your firm

You can't automate client data collection with Jetpack Workflow

In Financial Cents you automatically send clients recurring data request lists and FC will follow follow up with them until they complete the request. So you never have to waste time chasing down client info again.

Jetpack Workflow Alternative
Jetpack Workflow Alternative

You can't store client passwords and other sensitive information in Jetpack Worklow

Store all your clients’ sensitive information can be tough and sharing it with your team in a secure way can be even tougher. Easily store your client passwords, bank information, and more in one secure location so your team has everything they need to get their work done.

You can't filter projects by partners in Jetpack Workflow

Having robust workflow filters is key to tracking specific client work. Financial Cents lets you create unlimited custom filters to track your work by. Track work by partner, office location, stage, and more in one simple view!

Jetpack Workflow Alternative

You can't optimize your team's workload in Jetpack Workflow

Get a quick overview of your team’s workload capacity, so you can manage resources more effectively, quickly reassign tasks, and ensure you deliver client work on time and on budget.

You can't identify which clients are over budget and costing you money in Jetpack Workflow

Quickly identify which clients are taking more work than you originally estimated so you can adjust your rates and boost your bottom line.

Financial Cents vs Jetpack Workflow Pricing

$ 180

Per Year, Per Firm User

Jetpack Workflow alternative
$ 432

Per Year, Per Firm User

Setup and Training

Jetpack Workflow offers a paid setup and training package called Kickstart for $299. That includes a customer success manager, client import and live training.

Financial Cents offers live training, client import and dedicated success manager free of charge.

Start tracking deadlines in less than 10 minutes


1) Create a recurring project


2) Copy it to all your clients


3) Track progress and start collaborating with your team