Our Net Promoter Score is 51

The Software Industry Average is 30

What does Net Promoter Score Mean?

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Net Promoter Score (or NPS) is a proven survey that measures customer
experience and satisfaction. On August 5, 2021 - we sent our first NPS survey to
active users of our workflow management software.

We asked them the following two questions:

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So far, 176 people responded to our survey ... 108 respondents gave us a score of
9 or 10; 48 respondents scored us a 7 or 8; and 20 respondents scored us a 1 thru 6.

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Here’s the score breakdown:

76 People Scored us a 10

5 People Scored us a 5

32 People Scored us a 9

2 People Scored us a 4

32 People Scored us a 8

3 People Scored us a 3

16 People Scored us a 7

2 People Scored us a 2

6 People Scored us a 7

1 People Scored us a 1

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Below is a graph of the survey feedback we received by trend:

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Here’s Some User Feedback From Our NPS Survey

I love having the process templates and being able to easily manage all of my client work. I utilize the client tasks a lot as well. A couple of my clients have compliment the new software.

Ease of use, targeted towards the accounting/bookkeeping industry, significant involvement of company towards making improvements based on feedback from the community.

I like the tool because it is easy to set up and use. I like that it is specific to bookkeeping and accounting. I really like the effective hourly rate. And customer service is top notch (quick engaging response), and there are many promising features in the pipeline (I'm really excited for a zapier and Practice Ignition integration).

Great program that keeps me on task. i have used it for months and haven't abandoned it yet like I have all other programs.

I love the functionality and ease of use!

Price/Ease of Use/Continuous Improvements to the software.

The way that you are investing in the product. It is currently a great product and I like the way you are listening to customers to continue to improve the product.

Feature-rich but simple to implement and use. Plus they have the best advocate - Kellie Parks - she's awesome.

It helps keep my work organized!

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