While there are many factors that are pivotal to helping your business establish success, one of the most important ones that play out significantly, in the long run, is trust.

As one continues to help build their operations and double-down on your efforts to rake in more results, they’ll quickly realize that the value of establishing trust will present itself in many ways. In the accounting industry, this element is especially vital because of how it helps land clients and keeps a strong stream of income moving.

What is the definition of trust (in the context of accounting)? 

Trust specifically alludes toa firm belief in the reliability, ‘truthability’ and strength of someone or something.” In the accounting industry, trust is mainly about building rapport and combining it with comfort—an effort that alludes to the reliability, truth, and strength of your relationship with your client.

When you begin to understand and reference the true meaning of trust in your accounting firm, you’ll open yourself up to the opportunity of attaining more clients and sales. Considering that this same element is the foundation of client-firm relationships, it’s only right that you make every effort to best understand it and make the right moves going forward!

How to go about building trust with old and new clients?

Admittedly, many CPAs and accounting firms approach the whole concept of building trust with old and new clients by offering free services, but this isn’t necessarily the most practical approach. Fortunately, ensuring that your clients (and potential partners) feel as comfortable as possible with your firm doesn’t mean that you’ll have to give away services at a great loss.

If you want to help ensure that your accounting firm can significantly establish trust without selling yourself short by giving away your time and expertise, here are a few key pointers to consider:

1. Show results—but don’t explain how you get them

While giving your industry secrets isn’t necessarily the most practical way to achieve trust, you won’t have to fully compensate by not showing what you can do—this is where pitching with the right elements comes in handy.

The baseline formula for a meeting or pitch that achieves the best results is that you’ll need to tell your client what you’re going to help them with without completely revealing how you’re going to do it. It may not seem like much, but ensuring that you don’t give all the answers will help you maintain necessary transparency while playing the psychological game right.

But how does this help you build more trust while fine-tuning the psychological component of your outsourcing to your advantage? Well, it convinces your old and new clients that you have something of value that you’re trying to protect. This is essentially a behavior that convinces them the results you’re promising to give are achieved through legitimate solutions!

2. Bring out the humanistic side of your business

If you’ve been working in the accounting industry for a while now, you probably think that you’ve got it all figured out, but did you know that presenting your business in a more human light is now vital for building trust?

You see, business owners, decision-makers, and professionals that look for accounting firms (or other businesses) to partner up with now desire to work with a company that is more human. To them, seeing a humanistic side to a firm provides a certain relief because it always correlates to a desire to watch out for a client’s needs.

For instance, filling up your website’s “About Us” section with compelling stories of your team members or explaining that you use Financial Cents’ cloud-based solutions so that employees feel less stress are great ways to do this!


While there are many different factors that will contribute greatly to your accounting firm’s success, the ability for old and new clients to trust you bears an impact that is often unparalleled. By taking the time to keep the key points mentioned above in mind, you won’t have to risk missing the mark on this essential practice ever again!

If you’re looking for a creative way to build trust with your old and new clients, we provide accounting practice management software for accounting firms of all types. Get in touch with us today and visit our website to learn more about how your accounting firm can succeed with our product!