When it comes to gaining new clients, fortune always favors the bold – and the heavily prepared. The key to a good client meeting is to come up with a compelling presentation, as well as a pitch that addresses all their pain points. It’s easier said than done, however, especially as an accounting firm. Becoming a business advisor can be challenging, particularly because the market to become one is competitive.

With the right resources and tools, however, you can make sure that your client meetings remain smooth and lucrative.

Having Effective Meetings with Clients

You’ll want to integrate specific approaches, so make sure to remember the following tips below:

Tip #1: Do your research thoroughly

When it comes to conducting effective meetings, preparation is key to your success. Coming to the meeting knowing nothing about your client’s background and industry places you at an extreme disadvantage, especially since becoming a business advisor means being thorough. This will only make you look unprofessional, and the client will look for better services elsewhere.

Before arriving at the meeting, make sure to gather everything you need. Bring a portfolio you can showcase, as well as a resume for perusal. More importantly, bring extra copies of documents you need, just in case your client asks for them. Nothing quite beats having them leave the meeting with a solid piece of your company with them.

Tip #2: Set your objectives carefully 

Most of your clients view meetings as essential to their productivity. While most will certainly bring your company value, bear in mind that others will call for meetings simply for the sake of it. As a company, you need to remember that your time is inherently valuable. Time wasted on hesitant prospects means one less quality lead, so make sure to set your objectives carefully before the meeting.

Your list of objectives should help keep the meeting on track, ensuring that you cover necessary subjects to maximize the time. The purpose of the meeting must always be clear, as with the things you can accomplish after it. A time tracking solution for accountants can help, a tool of which can help boost your productivity – never hesitate to explore!

Tip #3: Stay attentive and flexible

You may have the world’s best planning skills, but not all things will fall according to plan. The inevitable always happens, especially when a client decides to set an entirely different agenda. You may also end up meeting a business prospect with a new project in mind, but don’t let these things deter you from gaining valuable insights. The best thing to do is to simply listen, takes notes during your client meeting, as well as stay flexible throughout the meeting.

Should unexpected questions or concerns arise, bear in mind that you have the liberty to refrain from responding. Committing on the spot may lead to serious repercussions, so make sure to gauge what they’re looking for before making any promises. Most importantly, make sure to let them know you need time to respond – you’d want to provide them with the best possible solution, after all.

Investing In A Better Accounting Practice Management Software

Client meetings can be daunting, especially if you end up handling significant clients. The fear of rejection can easily kick in, which can sabotage your client meeting success. You’ll need to plan and prepare accordingly, so keep these tips in mind. Once you provide your clients with the right information, you’ll be well on your way to closing deals.

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