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What Does “Bank Level” Security Mean?

While “bank-level security” does serve a purpose, keep in mind that it isn’t the most secure solution in the market.
However, they aren’t entirely protected as most of these solutions are generally set for marketing purposes.

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How Delegation Can Work For Small Firms

Not a lot of people know what it’s like to run a business. Being a workforce leader requires you to have vision, optimism, and passion for your craft, enabling you to build a thriving firm from scratch.

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New Features

New Features (2/8/21)

We released two new features this week that will make it easier to see what you want in Financial Cents and keep your team in the loop.

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How Profitable is Project Pricing

Over time, you’ve probably grown acquainted with the fact that project pricing itself can prove to be quite tricky to work out, even if you’ve been in business for many years!

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time management

Applying the 4Ds of Time Management to Your Firm

Applying the 4Ds of Time Management to Your Firm Meeting your deadlines is crucial, especially when your accounting firm needs to prepare for an audit. You need to organize data and provide audited financial statements, reports, and schedules on time. Because of this, proper time management is important. With the

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