Is There a Secret to Employee Motivation?

Employee Motivation

A lot of research over the years has shown that having an engaged, motivated workforce will lead to more profit. If your employees bring high levels of energy and creativity to their job, there is more innovation, more proactive growth, and a lot less absenteeism and turnover.

Employers all over the world want to build and maintain employee motivation in the long term. The difficulty lies in individualism—no two people have the exact same motivations as they enter into a company and work every day. Some are driven by monetary rewards and status, while others are motivated by emotion and building relationships.

When trying to pinpoint what will motivate your employees, don’t limit your ideas to what drives you, personally. Try to put yourself in their shoes and see the world through their eyes.

Employee Motivation Strategy

Many CEOs relate employee motivation to giveaways, awards, and monetary gifts given to the best-performing employees. These ideas are limited to one-time company events meant to inspire and build unity in just one evening.

The truth is that employee motivation is a strategy that should be built and implemented consistently. Your workforce is crucial to your success, so you should always be working to engage and motivate them.

Yes, some people are inspired by prestigious awards and the cash prizes that go with them. But others would be much more motivated by the chance to have work-life balance, career growth, and active communication between employees and upper management. There is no single solution that will fit every company, and you have to parse what will work for the employees you have.

Work-Life Balance

One of the best ways to encourage your employees is to maintain a balance between work and everything else in their life. When a person feels a sense of ownership and control over their life, they are more motivated and less stressed at work. This leads to increased productivity and less conflict with colleagues and superiors. And if your company proves its commitment to encouraging work-life balance, you will be able to attract valuable candidates whenever you have a job opening.

Paid time off, schedule flexibility, accounting work from home, encouraging breaks throughout the day, team-building activities, and community engagement opportunities are great ways to promote balance in the workplace.

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Career Growth

Another great way to motivate your employees is to foster a workplace that supports their career aspirations. A person with an upward trajectory in the company will be much more inspired to do well in their current role.

Setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) engagement goals and objectives will motivate your employees to achieve them. A more senior role or title within their department could mean the difference between an enthusiastic employee who will contribute to your business’s growth and one who is just working for the sake of work.

Active Communication

If you foster open communication within your company, your employees will feel more appreciated and valued. It is essential to earnestly listen to all of their concerns and seriously consider their suggestions for a more efficient workflow and a better working environment.

A person who feels like they are a vital part of a company’s growth and improvement will be much more motivated to remain productive and innovative. Connect with your employees and build healthy relationships with them. It will only help you in the long run.


Employee motivation should be one of the top priorities of every business. Happy and engaged workers are invaluable in long-term success and sustained growth, and it’s worth building an effective, inclusive motivation strategy within your company. Simple things such as the opportunity for work-life balance and open communication will lead to an inspired, enthusiastic workforce.

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