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QuickBooks Integration

Integrate with QBO to add all your clients in seconds

Integrate Financial Cents with QuickBooks

We now have a direct integration with QuickBooks Online that allows you to add all your clients to Financial Cents in less than 30 seconds! Making it so much easier to get set up in Financial Cents and start hitting your deadlines.

Below are the steps to integrate your account with QBO.

1) Go to the integrations page by clicking the “Integrations” tab on the left-hand navigation bar. Once in the Navigation page click “+ Integration.”

Quickbooks Integration 2

2) A dialog box will appear, where you can choose to connect the QBO integration.

Quickbooks Integration 3

3) You will then be taken the intuit login, where you will log in to your QBO Accountant account. This will allow us to transfer all your clients and their information (name, email, phone #) to Financial Cents.

Quickbooks Integration 4

4) After logging into intuit, you will automatically be directed back to Financial Cents where you will see the # of clients we found and have the option to import them by clicking the “import” button. If you have over 100 clients, it could take 30 – 60 seconds to import all your clients.

Quickbooks Integration 5

5) And now you are done! Once done, you will see the number of clients you have imported from QBO on the integration.

Quickbooks Integration 6

To see your clients, go to the Client CRM page. Here you can start storing all your client documents, information, and even record client activities.

Quickbooks Integration 7

*** For users that have already added clients to Financial Cents***

Currently, if you have already added clients to Financial Cents and decide to integrate Financial Cents with QBO it may duplicate your clients. We are creating a second iteration of the QBO integration that will allow you to map your QBO clients to current clients in Financial Cents to prevent this. That being said, if you have a lot of clients and want to integrate with QBO please wait for us to release the second version of the integration.

This is only the first integration for Financial Cents, and we have a lot of other great integrations on the way!

  • Ability to push time tracked in FC to QBO and create invoices
  • Xero Integration – add your clients from Xero
  • Zapier Integration – Integrate FC with all your favorite apps

Want us to integrate with some of your other favorite apps? Tell us what you want to see next on our list!

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By Shahram Zarshenas

Founder at Financial Cents

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