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Start dates, comments, and file attachments on Projects

You can now set start dates on work and collaborate with your team

Start Dates & Team Collaboration Features

Due to popular demand, we just added two new features to help your team prioritize and collaborate on work!

First, is start dates for projects!

  • Now you can set start dates on your projects, so everyone knows when they need to start a project. This will make it easier for everyone to prioritize work and prevent anyone from starting late and falling behind! Helping your firm hit your deadlines!
  • You can see the start dates displayed on the Firm Dashboard and inside the actual project (See below)


Start Dates, Comments, And File Attachments On Projects 2



Second is the ability to attach files and collaborate with your team on projects (not just tasks)

  • Now you can attach files and leave comments on a project level instead of just the task level. This will make it easier for your team to collaborate on high-level work and share documents so you can improve productivity and maintain quality!
  • You can easily find the comments and file attachments in the new project tabs as seen below!


Start Dates, Comments, And File Attachments On Projects 3


Lastly, I wanted to give you a sneak peek into some big new features we have coming soon!

  • Time tracking for projects (We expect to release this next week!)
  • Mobile app to manage your workflow and team from your phone
  • Client Portal – To assign tasks to your clients, exchange documents, and communicate with them all within your projects.



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By Shahram Zarshenas

Founder at Financial Cents

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