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Time Tracking (New Feature)

Seamlessly track time inside our workflow tool

Seamlessly Track Time In Financial Cents


Now your team can seamlessly track time within Financial Cents! Making it easier to see where your firm is spending its time & manage your bandwidth!

The time tracker is built into every project so your team can automatically track their time on a project by project basis as seen below.

Time Tracking (New Feature) 2



The time tracker consists of a start/stop timer that allows you to log your time down to the minute. You can even set time estimates for how long a project should take to complete. This is great for setting expectations for your team and holding them accountable! (See below)

Time Tracking (New Feature) 3



When someone logs their time it will be automatically be added to the time log inside the project where you can see all the time logs for that specific project. Here you can also manually add time (for when you forget to start the timer) and edit time logs (for when you accidentally leave the timer on). See the image below.

Time Tracking (New Feature) 4



Lastly, when you log time on a client’s project it will automatically be added to the client’s profile and activity feed. So you know how much time you spend on each client and which are your most profitable clients.

Time Tracking (New Feature) 5

Time Tracking (New Feature) 6

Here are some other awesome features that we have recently added:

  • Start dates for projects
  • Tags for projects
  • Robust project templates

What’s next?

  • In-app notifications to improve team communication
  • Client task to automate the data collection process with your clients
  • Mobile app so you can manage your firm on the go


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By Shahram Zarshenas

Founder at Financial Cents

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