As a business, your accounting firm still needs the steady power of marketing. The marketing landscape can prove to be challenging for various accounting professionals, but it doesn’t have to be. In a highly saturated market, learning is a requirement for growth. Marketing may prove to be a challenge, but getting it right will allow your firm to reap benefits for years to come.

With a successful and well-developed marketing plan, you’ll be able to do what firms are struggling with; winning clients. As the second part of our “Winning Clients and Influencing Success” series, we talk about the next integral step to success – marketing strategies for accountants. You’ll want to entice your clients into your business, which can only happen through proper marketing techniques.

4 Marketing Strategies for Accountants

To ensure that you invest in the right tools, here are important things to keep in mind:

1. Social Media is Powerful 

Maintain a lasting online presence

If you wish to reach more clients, investing in the power of social media is paramount. Clients rely on their accounting firms to be reliable and trustworthy – something a good social media presence can convey.

You’ll want a business website to establish credibility and legitimacy, which should include your contact details and permits. To amplify your online voice, however, make sure to invest in other digital platforms. Doing so will help your business garner customer reviews, which prospects will have access to. Here are some platforms you should use:

These pages can also help you establish a good customer service platform, where users can freely engage with your firm. You not only establish a good reputation, but convey a simple message that resounds – that you care.

We cover how to use Google my Business for local SEO and provide detailed insights into SEO for accountants in this blog.

2. Get the Expectations and Prices Right

Make sure your clients know

With a website and social media page in place, make sure to use them wisely. That said, cut any billing miscommunication and misconceptions before they grow. Getting new bookkeeping clients means placing all your cards on the table, so make sure to post your pricing structures, services, and other necessary information for everyone to see.

Offer your clients the chance to study your services on their own, but make sure to provide them with ample details to help solidify their decision to transact with you. By conveying messages of value, you’ll be able to convince them to take a chance – no matter the price. So long as you communicate the positive outcomes and lay out expectations, you’re good to go.

3. Leverage Technology

Invest in like-minded businesses 

As we move deeper into the digital world, most businesses have now shifted their focus on technology. The cloud can be an important aspect of your business, as this allows you to collaborate with clients in more convenient ways. By investing in the right technology and marketing them as strengths, you send a clear message of professionalism and reliability.

Market your accounting firm in a way that shows innovation and forward-thinking. Your clients enjoy working with companies that think of the future, as this lets them know that you mean business -you’re here to stay, and it will do them well to invest.

Here are some technologies to try:

    • Cloud services

    • IT security structures

    • Web design and development

    • Hosting providers

4. Marketing For Success 

The idea of investing in marketing efforts may be challenging, but all the best things always are. In a constantly changing world, only the best are given the chance to succeed. By ensuring that your firm is constantly growing and seeking change, winning clients and influencing success will be easier. That said, make sure to keep these marketing strategies for accountants in mind as you pursue progress.

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