The ever-shifting tides of regulations, technology, and client needs can leave even the most seasoned accountant feeling overwhelmed in a sea of information. Staying updated with industry developments while maintaining client focus and efficiency can feel like a huge task.

Fortunately, there are resources out there that act as your guiding light, shining your path to success in the accounting industry, one of which are Newsletters.

There are a lot of great publications and free accounting newsletters being published every day but we’ve specifically kept the list as precise and as crisp as possible.

Firm Focused Newsletters

1. Get Work Done (by Financial Cents)

This is a newsletter for accounting and bookkeeping firm owners, sharing insights that cut through the complexities, help you streamline processes, embrace practical tech solutions, and boost your team’s productivity.

Financial Cents accounting newsletter - get work done

2. Future Firm Newsletter

Published by Ryan Lazanis, CPA of Future Firm, this newsletter helps you anticipate trends, adapt to change, and position yourself for success in the evolving accounting landscape. Every week, Ryan shares proven tactics to systematize your firm and work fewer hours.

With a regular dose of actionable advice and real-world strategies, you are well on your way to scaling your firm.

futurefirm newsletter

3. Cloud Accounting Newsletter

This newsletter, published by Kellie Parks, CPB, provides valuable resources on cloud-based accounting templates with tips on effective best practices, consistent communications, efficient processes, systems & workflows.

accounting newsletters - cloud accounting

General Accounting Newsletters

4. Journal of Accountancy

As the flagship publication of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), this newsletter delivers a wealth of insights into regulations, practice trends, and professional development ranging from SEC, PCAOB, and IRS updates for businesses and accountants. It’s like having a backstage pass to the inner workings of the accounting world.

newsletter for accountants - journal of accountancy

5. Accounting Today

When you crave a daily dose of accounting and finance news from a trusted source, be it in the tax, bookkeeping or audit domain, Accounting Today has your back.

accounting today newsletter

6. CPA Letter Daily

Need a quick, informative briefing before tackling your day? This monthly newsletter covers technical developments, professional issues, legislative and regulatory matters, advocacy initiatives, AICPA news and events, and membership benefits. It’s like having a personal assistant who sifts through the noise and delivers only the most relevant information to your inbox.

newsletter for accounting - CPA Letter daily

7. AccountingWeb

This  is one of the largest independent online communities for accounting and finance professionals – providing guides and resources to help accounting firms grow over and above the news.

accountingWeb newsletter

8. CPA Practice Advisor

CPA Practice Advisor is your technology and practice management resource for the accounting profession, combining the latest news, and accounting-related events. With expert advice and unbiased reviews, this accounting newsletter helps you stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional service to your clients.

CPA newsletters - CPAPractice Advisor newsletter

Tax-Specific Newsletters

9. Tax First Newsletter

Tax law changes can feel like navigating a minefield blindfolded. That’s where Tax First comes in. Curated by pWc, this newsletter provides you with informed commentary on current developments in the local, tax, and business arena. 

tax newsletters - pwc tax first newsletter

10. The Tax Adviser

The Tax Adviser is a monthly publication of the American Institute of CPAs, providing tax practitioners with timely, in-depth, practical, and comprehensive information on federal and state tax developments.

newsletters for tax professionals - the tax adviser newsletter


Accounting Apps Newsletter 

In this weekly resource, Heather Smith, FCCA,  shares the latest trends and innovations in cloud accounting apps and the corresponding ecosystem. This newsletter is a good way to stay up to date on new apps and how to use them.

accounting apps newsletter

Factors to Consider When Choosing Accounting Newsletters to Subscribe to:

  • Relevance: Ensure the newsletter covers topics and updates that are directly relevant to your role, industry, or interests in the accounting field. Consider whether the newsletter addresses areas such as tax regulations, auditing practices, financial reporting standards, or technological innovations that are specific to your professional development or organizational needs. Subscribing to newsletters that align with your specific focus areas ensures that you receive tailored information that adds value to your expertise and decision-making processes.
  • Credibility: Look for newsletters curated by reputable sources or industry experts with a track record of delivering accurate and reliable information. Assess the credentials and expertise of the authors, editors, or organizations behind the newsletter to ensure they possess the necessary knowledge and credibility within the accounting industry. Verify whether the content is backed by research, data, or references to authoritative sources, which enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of the information provided. Choosing accounting newsletters from trusted sources helps you avoid misinformation and ensures you receive insights  you can confidently rely on in your professional practice.
  • Frequency and Consistency: Consider how often you want to receive updates from the newsletter – whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly – and choose newsletters that align with your preferred frequency of communication. Evaluate the consistency of content delivery and the reliability of the newsletter’s publishing schedule to ensure you receive timely and regular updates.
  • Accessibility and User Experience: Check the accessibility of the newsletter across different devices and platforms, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, to ensure convenient access to content wherever you are. Evaluate the user experience of the newsletter interface, considering factors such as ease of navigation, readability of text, and availability of multimedia elements such as images, videos, or interactive features. Opt for newsletters that offer user-friendly design and intuitive functionality, enhancing your ability to engage with content effectively and derive maximum value from your subscription.

Stay Informed on How to Run your Firm With Get Work Done

In an industry where information is power, staying informed can make all the difference in the work that you do.

Subscribing to high-quality accounting newsletters that deliver timely, reliable, and insightful content enhances your ability to stay on track, adapt to changes, and make informed decisions that drive success in your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

Accounting newsletters like Get Work Done make it easy with down-to-earth tips and insights that ensures you actually get quality work done in your firm.

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