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When you meet a potential client, you want to be sure you start off on the right foot. 

However, vetting and onboarding a new client is a lot of work, and it can be tough. 

We get it. Here at Financial Cents we’ve been there many times! 

That’s why we have created this FREE bookkeeping client questionnaire template. This template helps improve your client relationships and make sure you and your clients get off to a great start. 

How does a thorough bookkeeping client checklist help improve your client relationships?

It helps you:

  1. Create a professional image
  2. Ask the right questions 
  3. Cover all the bases 
  4. Make onboarding easy and painless 
  5. Start off on the right foot 

Let’s look a little closer at the ways this free bookkeeping questionnaire can help your business grow and thrive. 

1. Create a professional image

First impressions matter!  

When you first meet a client and start working with them, you want to make sure you appear professional and polished. 

How can you do this? 

Have a well thought-out, standardized onboarding process. This process should include an official questionnaire that gets you the basic information you need and lets the client know your business is well-run and trustworthy.


A Standardized Onboarding Process Allows You To Appear Profressional To Your Clients
If you aren’t sure where to start with a client questionnaire, then download our free  template.  Your clients will notice! 

2. Ask the right questions 

Sometimes it’s hard to know what questions to ask your clients, or it’s difficult to remember them all.  But it’s critical to ask your new clients the right questions so you understand each other and have all the information you need.  Having a solid bookkeeping client questionnaire template helps you ask the important questions about them and their business.  Also, with an official questionnaire you have all the answers in one convenient place. This is absolutely crucial if you want to avoid frustration for your team and your clients. 

3. Cover all the bases 

Gathering your client’s information is perhaps the most crucial part of your onboarding process. Missing information might hold up another part of the process, or lead to frustration for your client or your team.  Streamlining your information-gathering process is key. It’s best to gather all the information you need in one fell swoop and then keep it in one place, instead of bombarding your client’s inbox with questions and having the information scattered all over the place.  To help streamline the process, cover all the bases with one easy bookkeeping questionnaire. Then you don’t have to go back and bother your client with more questions, and you’ll have all your client’s information in one place.  Trust us – your clients and your team will thank you! 
A Bookkeeping Questionnaire Helps To Streamline The Onboarding Process

4. Make onboarding easy and painless 

A solid, standardized onboarding process is absolutely crucial for building client relationships.  Onboarding is the fundamental phase in which you familiarize your client with your business and set the expectations for how you will work together. It’s also your chance to make great first impressions.   If your onboarding process is confusing and hard, it leaves a bad taste in your clients’ mouths, and they are less likely to keep working with you. On the other hand, a clear, painless onboarding process sets a good standard for the rest of your client’s experience with you.  Does a good onboarding process ensure that you keep your clients?  No. But it increases your chances!  Our bookkeeping client checklist helps streamline your process and make it easier and simpler.  Rest assured that you have the information you need (so you won’t have to keep pestering your client with questions,) and your client’s confusion decreases. 

5. Start off on the right foot 

All these points go toward starting off on the right foot with your clients. Your clients’ first experiences set the standard for the rest of their time with you.  If they have a confusing experience with you during onboarding, they are less likely to keep working with you and more likely to be unhappy with their overall experience at your business.  But if their first experience with you is easy and painless, it sets you up for a great client relationship! 
Your Clients Are Pleased When You Set Clear Expectations

And the best part? 

They’ll stay – and start referring other businesses! 

A low-stress onboarding experience that kicks your relationship with your clients off to a great start yields massive returns for your business.  

Our bookkeeping client checklist helps provide you with a high-level framework for your onboarding process to help set yourself up for success! 


First impressions matter! Starting off on the right foot with your clients sets a good tone for the rest of your relationship. 

Our FREE bookkeeping client questionnaire helps you create a painless onboarding process, get all the right information, and kick your client relationships off to a great start! 

We hope this template is helpful to you!  

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