As an accountant running a accounting firm, you naturally have a lot of tasks on your plate. Because of this, whether you like it or not, you often have to multitask and switch between different activities.

Sometimes, tackling several tasks at the same time may help you cover more projects quickly. This is especially true if you have a lot of urgent and important duties.

However, there will also be times where switching between tasks can sabotage your efficiency and productivity. Multitasking may disrupt your flow and focus, make you consume more time, and end up with a lesser quality of work.

The good news is that there are hacks you can try to efficiently and successfully work on multiple tasks at once.

Tips To Switch Between Tasks Without Losing Productivity

If you’re looking for ways to switch between your accounting projects without losing productivity, try incorporating these four tips into your work routine:

1. Don’t Work on Two Similar Tasks at the Same Time 

One of the best ways to stay productive when multitasking is to create the illusion that you’re not even juggling two things at once. To do this, you shouldn’t work on two things that require the same areas in your brain. The tasks should not require the same amount of attention and the same type of processing.

For example, if you’re already working on a motor task, it’s best to find a cognitive task to accomplish alongside it.

This will help you cover both tasks while minimizing the negative effects of switching between tasks.

2. Set a Time Limit for Certain Tasks 

Sometimes, you tend to lose your productivity because you fail to give yourself deadlines. When you don’t set deadlines, you subconsciously stretch your tasks according to the time available.

On the other hand, limiting the time you spend on your tasks will naturally make you prioritize your assignments according to their importance and urgency. Furthermore, this will enable you to quickly move on from one task to another until you’ve eventually covered everything.

3. Use Apps or Tools to Guide Your Work 

Improving your productivity is a big endeavor because it usually entails changing your long-established work habits. Considering this, it’s a smart idea to use various apps or tools to help you focus your attention and accomplish your tasks.

The good news is that there are several apps for time tracking for accountants. There are also programs you can use to manage your projects and your firm as a whole.

These accounting work from home productivity tools will help you and your team stick to your deadlines and schedule your tasks effortlessly and efficiently.

4. Develop Habits that Improve Your Cognitive Flexibility 

Your cognitive flexibility is at play when multitasking. This refers to your ability to think about multiple concepts at the same time or switch between tasks smoothly.

To improve your cognitive flexibility and, consequently, your ability to multitask efficiently, you will need to build healthy habits like the following:

    • Reading a variety of materials – This activity exercises your brain and improves its function over time.

    • Getting enough sleep – This helps your brain detox and repair itself from the stresses of the day.

    • Exercising regularly – Regular physical activity promotes cognitive enhancement as well as the growth of new brain cells.

    • Learning something new – Trying something different helps expand your neural pathways, which then helps you process things better and faster.


Most productivity tips today stress the importance of focusing on one task at a time to achieve maximum productivity. However, in CPA firm management, you may not always have the luxury to concentrate on a single project. The good news is that there are hacks you can employ to multitask efficiently. Starting with the four tips mentioned above will help you get on the right track to increasing the quality of your work, meeting your deadlines, and improving your overall productivity!

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